Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to Build E-Commerce Web Store

Beginning up your own online business is not quite as complicated and costly as you might think. The main things is that to using an effective tools and platform to develop your e-commerce web store on. 

E-commerce word is stand for electronic commerce. It is simply any kind of business or professional deal, which includes the exchange of information through the Internet. It mainly moves around dealing products online, both physical and digital. 

How e-commerce web site development can help conventional businesses

By developing an e-commerce website for your business, you start up a product new flow of income. It is great to have the most successful shop or shop in the community, but you have to develop an internet business if you wish to sustain your success. Customer choices are moving - more and more people are using their cellular and computer systems to buy items and acquire services.

By developing a website, you secured the long run of your business. Not only that, you also get unaccepted customers. Your website should be recognizable to potential customers across the world. This provides you with a perfect platform to succeed your business. If you already have an effective organization, a highly effective online lifestyle can help you build a highly effective online recognition. If your organization is lagging, an effective website can put some breeze into your sails.

Steps to Building a Web Store:

  • Register a domain name
  • Choose a web hosting service
  • Design your website
  • Choose e-commerce software
  • Set up a merchant account
  • Upload Your Website

Promote your new site

Once the e-commerce website has been designed, you must analyze its performance (processes, mistakes, reviews control buttons and purchase tracking), and if pleased you may now release it.
In order to generate any sales, you must drive ‘relevant’ traffic to the site, for example, through:
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click marketing (PPC)
  • Submit website to online directories and search engines
  • Video/ Social media marketing
  • Banner Advertising
  • Affiliated Marketing
  • Press releases
  • Blogging
  • Newsletter

Selling of the products on the internet can be a fulfilling run into that allows you to show yourself and your company spirit. Furthermore, it can be the way to begin a new company or develop a current one. If you are prepared to get began, these actions can help keep you on the right track to success. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

How To Build A Social Networking Website

Today the time has come when every other business organization wants to build a website and create an influential web presence as well. Business type no longer remains a constraint in the age of IT. This is the reason why every enterprise today longs to have a striking online identity.

Now when we speak of a website design and development, development of a social media website comes first to the mind. Nowadays, social media website design and development is being touted as the most sought-after development by most online businesses across the global.

While we speak about Social Networking Website Design and Development , it would be criminal to miss out on something as phenomenal as Facebook.

• It is undoubtedly every social media website owner’s vision to own something as popular as Facebook.
• This makes it all the more intriguing to know how to create a social networking website like Facebook.
• Social websites (like Facebook) integrated services that have now become a crowd puller with time.
• The packaging of services has been done so aptly that visitors are using the web to their convenience and at the same time connecting with their loved ones without much trouble.

Well, then how should you go about planning a Social Networking Website —a question that needs to be answered here. Registration for domain and platform for development; custom or open source software development; search for branded URLs for users; censorship; social engine; keep a name that user can relate to and advertise to get the traffic flowing to your website —are few key aspects to consider before going for any website design and development.

Now, going on to believe that by just by being a social media networking website, your site would be able to attract maximum online traffic, is simply silly.

It is must to be able to be heard. A social networking site that does not let its users/ visitors/members to form a community or carry out updates or comment or post views, will not be able to retain its users’ interest for long. People today want to be heard! And that says it all! Opinions do matter in the 21st century!

Let people talk! Promote discussion forums.

Allowing users to chat and participate in conversations increase the chances of return visits. This adds to the content of your website without any efforts from your side. So you gain extra brownie points without doing any hard work!

Censorship — not a good idea!

Well expect any kind of behaviour from your visitors. They might use abusive language or cuss words. It is a free platform and people would surely take full advantage of this. At the same time, this should never be questioned, or else you will lose your visitors. Extremist comments should however, be removed at the earliest.

A Social Networking Policy in place is a must.

A mention of dos and don’ts for your website is must. This will make your viewpoint clearer as in what kind of user behaviour is unacceptable to you. Also, what comes under harassment should be made very clear to the visitor via the website’s policy. Ensure the policy is read thoroughly by a user before s/he goes on to create an account.

Social Bookmarking is still alive!

Make sure your website has the facility to be shared or bookmarked easily outside your community.

Continual presence is needed!

‘Set it and forget it’ —this doesn’t work for social Media Website Design and Development. In this business, especially during the initial phase, innovative ideas and new content should constantly be uploaded on the website. Ensure that Response-generating-actionable content, assured to give rise to discussions, posts, user views and opinions, find a place in your website.

Social Media is free but its management is expensive.

Website design and development in most cases is centered on business objective. Do not ignore or overlook communications as it is one of the key focus areas of any website-building.

Manage your content sensibility.

It is wise to decide the subject of the content according to the website theme. Of all the things, ensure the users are able to relate the content with the website theme.

How to Create a Microblogging site Like Twitter ?

Let’s start by understanding what sort of a microblogging site is Twitter? Twitter is a microblogging website where a user can create as well as see tweets created by other people. It is basically writing very short blogs (micro blogs). Twitter currently is the most preferred microblogging website.

In this era of social networking where people take to microblogging for trivial matters, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that microblogging has become a staple for networking enthusiasts. Users can take up to maximum 140 characters to create tweets.

It is important to know here that there are alternatives to Twitter namely Yonkly, Shout’em and many more. With Yonkly you can create a community in less than a minute’s time. Since Shout’em is in the beta version phase, all the premium features are offered for free. FriendFeed, Elgg, Tumblr, Plurk, Jaiku and Yammer are other options that netizens can switch to in case they no longer want to use Twitter.

Now…. what? How to go about Microblogging Website Development ? What should be done to create a microblogging website? Are these questions bothering you? If yes, then read on …

  • For Twitter the trick of the trade lies in ‘update in seconds’.
  • Twitter makes use of super-condensed format for updating posts and comments.
  • Facebook too brought about similar changes and incorporated the update functionality wherein the users could update their current statuses.
Website Design and Development includes various functionalities such as search friends; each customer to have a custom profile; cancel registration & account; forgot password; search groups by tags, titles, & description; latest recent posts/updates; registration for new users (with captcha image); latest text updates; instant messaging support (MSN, yahoo, Gtalk); email invitation and post in groups among many others.
Steps you shall follow:

Design the backend of the application
A proper user management should be in place. Database that shows ‘who is following whom?’ shall be in place too. Now what you need to do further is get to record user ID and the follower ID. This would enable you to speedily create a list of followers.
There are three tables with you now: 1. User table. 2. Posts table. 3. Following table.

Create the entry form
You have the backend tables all done and readied. You now need the functionalities to help you easily sail through further. They are: 1. Users to log in and post comments. 2. Disseminate posts to those following users. 3. Allow people to follow other people.

Add a list of updates
In this, the functionality will show all the posts directed to a specific user ID. The easy part is done away with and now you have to let users post their status and see the same being displayed. But wait, something is missing here! What is it? It is only you who can see your updates and nobody else. The next step is carried out to accomplish this task.

Follow other users
  • First create an interface that lists all the system users.
  • The interface created will allow logged-in users to follow other users.
  • This will further enable the users to see the status updates of other users.   
  • Now, write a function that informs whom the current user is already following.
  • This way the users can benefit from the list and see whom they want to follow and whom they want to ignore. However, you can’t just simply follow/unfollow users.
  • You have to look for an existence of a relationship in the following table.
  • What is to be done next?
  • Show a list of users who are being followed by the user in the next step. Lastly, add posts from other users.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why Small or Midsize Businesses Need ERP?

What is ERP? Let’s first understand the term in its entirety and investigate the reasons behind ‘Why does small or midsize business need ERP?’ Or is there any need at all in the first place for small businesses to implement ERP? What makes ERP that important a tool to be adopted by big as well as midsize businesses?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • It is a tool that integrates data from various segments within the organization and makes it available to the company’s advantages.
  • With several new ERP software solution emerging in the market of late, small and midsize businesses have started to gain from its simpler implementation and low cost.
  • ERP is an integrated system used to handle and manage resources of an organization in the most optimized manner.
  • ERP tools produce components that offer suitable support system to a wide range of business processes.
With big enterprises realizing ERP’s potential and worth long back, small and midsize businesses executives have now begun treading the same path.

ERP software solution offers smart-complex software packages that integrate various business processes across functions in an organization and help in fast business growth.
This enables ERP vendors to bring together right set of tools to provide industry-specific solutions.
  • There are many ifs and buts associated with the term ERP.
  • For big enterprises, ERP is indeed a power tool to bring in growth, but for small and midsize businesses, ERP is still a relatively untouched domain.
  • However, of late every business organization seems to be gaining from ERP. Let us find the factors leading to increased implementation of ERP …

 It is advisable to small and midsize enterprises to implement ERP and benefit from enterprise resource planning solutions. For big enterprises, ERP is a useful tool that enables easy transactions. Enterprise Resource Planning Solution runs on different hardware and is easily installed in different networking configurations. 

Key facets attracting small or midsize businesses towards ERP software solution are many. A few are: 1. Growth of small businesses 2. Several top notch ERP vendors in recent past have entered the small business domain to offer industry-specific solutions 3. Of late more attention has been paid to small and midsize businesses by high-end ERP software solution providers.
  • New and open technologies like .Net have made things easier for new entrants into ERP business market by eliminating the barriers.
  • This has been good for small businesses with tight monetary budget and limited resources.
  • The options have increased and small businesses are now being able to reap the benefits of the ERP software solutions offered by small industry-specific ERP vendors.
  • These vendors satisfy the ever-increasing needs of small and midsized businesses at cost-effective rates.
  • Similar to big enterprises, small or midsize businesses too need ERP Software Solution. This, however, is business-dependent.
  • The small size or mid size businesses should not thus worry much about using ERP. The reason is ERP solutions are now customizable, scalable and flexible.
Today when specialization has got into everything, midsize businesses find it difficult to integrate various business segments like manufacturing and supply chain management.

Establishing a smooth connection or link between various components is what small or midsize business organizations fear the most as the task is not as easy as it sounds.

The market votes Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions as Numerous Uno in catering to the demands of not only big businesses but small and midsize business organizations too.

Why Should One go for Custom Software Development?

Software development can be categorized into two types: custom based software development and ready-made software development. Today the market seems to be in the favor of Custom Software Development. Now this has not happened over night, but gradually. Well certainly there are few supporting reasons and factors behind its growth.

Accessibility any where any time; round the clock connectivity with customers, being able to track the payment collections and keep a continual check on sales activities and option of extending the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and scheduling meetings – these are few of the many factors that have added to the increase in use of Custom Software Development.

  • Today, the demand of Custom Software Development has gone up.
  • Its area of influence has expanded.
  • Sectors such as real-estate and hospitality including restaurants and hotels are few areas of influence where the demand is high as compared to other sectors.
  • These days Custom Software Development has become more cost-effective and scalable.
  • High-end users demand end-to-end Custom Software Development services for restaurants, hospitality and real-estate sectors.
  • In Real-estate software development, the service providers offer flexibility in managing various business functions starting from the pre-launch phase to clients booking to management of the agents.

Industries today have expanded their base in general and few sectors in particular — hospitality and real-estate have shown considerable progress as compared to others.
Thus, a rise in the software development in these particular sectors has been very apparent.  

Service providers catering to the needs of hotel industry offer services including hotel management software, hotel billing software, restaurant billing software, banquet operating system software and many more. 
Other than restaurants, hotels are also a part of hospitality industry. Custom hospitality software development is used by various businessmen/owners of hotels, lodges, inns, guest houses, and resorts. The software satisfies the administrative needs of the systems in concern.
  • Real- estate industry is one sought-after industry by Custom Software developers as the industry has a lot of opportunities to offer to them.
  • Custom Software development is more preferred as compared to ready-made software development.
  • Few basic and crucial aspects of Custom Software Development cover flexibility and option to update as and when required.
The age old saying ‘Change is the only constant in life’ holds true while developing custom-based software.
With the never ending demands and the fast evolving market, there is always a fear of either missing out on new features or losing out on opportunities.

  • These features can be fully utilized if the service seeker is ready to adopt Custom Software Development.
  • While change happens, if a service seeker has custom build software at his disposal, then there is no looking back as this ensures having the power to accommodate change at any given place and at any point of time.
  • This saves a lot of money as well.
  • If a client, say for example a restaurant owner uses a restaurant custom software development system, he can ask his vendor to incorporate changes as and when he feels the need.

The bottom line is with time Custom Software Development has proved to be quite beneficial for the customers.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Top 5 Popular eCommerce Software & Platform

E-commerce segment is flourishing online extremely due to rapid growth of people realizing the benefits of online shopping & online store. Grounds on ecommerce expand & so everybody wishes to own their online store with all efficient capabilities & user tilted features. We know the competitive surfaces of ecommerce as there are number of players so to get along with popular & proven ecommerce software & platform only make sense these days. By powering your ecommerce solutions with this renowned software can boost your sales & sustain revenues from continuous growth of client-base. Below mentioned are the most acknowledged platforms that are extensively trusted for Ecommerce Software Development or online store set-up or ecommerce solutions. They brings baggage loaded with rich features, top-most securities, unlimited expansions, easy & manageable CMS/inventory/visitor tracking, powerful plugins, easy integrations and lots more.

Magento: The platform since inception is amongst the most preferred ones. It extends manageable & simple back end, components, features & products that enables users to effortlessly handle huge heaps of content & uploads. Community backs the software with rich plugins that can shoot up the total user-experience of the online store and ensure certainty towards long lasting customer relationships. Payments, shipping, advanced features etc are justified with no complexities or interruptions involved.

Shopify: Boasting of simple & rapid build-up of online stores, this software is also accepted reliably for ecommerce jobs. It masters at what it offers and gives impressive chances to build fully functional website. It owns very simple & easily manageable settings which is advisable for fast development of simple ecommerce store.

Zen cart: This platform is considered to be the highest adapted one for ecommerce store development currently. Being free natured software & extremely backed one by enthusiasts who enhance it with modern plug-ins, themes, features etc, it opens numerous windows for effective & affordable solution.

Open cart: It is PHP-supported software that can also be availed without any investment. The readily available software gives easy steps to start up any online business in just few minutes. Best features are furnished that can even set up a multi-tiered huge online mall with big lists of products, highly secured gateways, review & complaint system and many other useful tools.

Oscommerce: It is a cost-effective medium to build instant online store with great ease of language, currencies & sizes support along with payment, feedback & admin tools.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ERP Application Solutions - To Increase Productivity, Proficiency

Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP solutions work great for enterprises where it offers integrated information at one place so as to benefit processes & its efficiency. Such mechanisms are centralized and they tremendously make every piece of processes & operations powerful, productive and profitable. It is worth to set-up ERP software & experience increased productivity & proficiency beyond your expectations. Know how:

•    Significant hike in productivity: ERP software tunes up day to day activities and shortens the gaps that it gobbled up earlier to reach your desired data or field. Access to any vital data is easy, on-spot and completed within no time. So ultimately the time and efforts are less and outcomes are more. You can finish more tasks in less time like purchase invoicing, payment planning, vendor performance, timely deliveries, real-time communication, fast sales and lots more. Thus the lifecycle of any task or process is shortened and productivity shoots up.

•    Formation of stable, powerful & standardized methods: With ERP involvement, it is certain to get international grade standards & methods in the enterprise. Every department gets its best proven practices to work on & there is no room for errors, frauds or misconduct. As from top to bottom line, all is transparent & visible there is no chance for management to get cheated in any respect. Also once the standards developed inside the organization remains stable & powerful as they were at the time of implementation.

•    More pliable and tech-oriented: As we exist in global ecosphere, where there is majority of chances of branches, units, offices or staff active in varied parts of the globe, companies require pliable systems that have various currencies, languages and accounting or taxations styles, in centralized portion. Such facilities are mostly updated with latest tech tools by the vendors in tiers on regular basis so also the enterprise experiences the new facilities.

Thus, to fix up intense level of productivity & proficiency in your business activities, adapt reliable & suitable ERP services from vendors. Click Here For Enterprise Application Solutions