Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why Small or Midsize Businesses Need ERP?

What is ERP? Let’s first understand the term in its entirety and investigate the reasons behind ‘Why does small or midsize business need ERP?’ Or is there any need at all in the first place for small businesses to implement ERP? What makes ERP that important a tool to be adopted by big as well as midsize businesses?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • It is a tool that integrates data from various segments within the organization and makes it available to the company’s advantages.
  • With several new ERP software solution emerging in the market of late, small and midsize businesses have started to gain from its simpler implementation and low cost.
  • ERP is an integrated system used to handle and manage resources of an organization in the most optimized manner.
  • ERP tools produce components that offer suitable support system to a wide range of business processes.
With big enterprises realizing ERP’s potential and worth long back, small and midsize businesses executives have now begun treading the same path.

ERP software solution offers smart-complex software packages that integrate various business processes across functions in an organization and help in fast business growth.
This enables ERP vendors to bring together right set of tools to provide industry-specific solutions.
  • There are many ifs and buts associated with the term ERP.
  • For big enterprises, ERP is indeed a power tool to bring in growth, but for small and midsize businesses, ERP is still a relatively untouched domain.
  • However, of late every business organization seems to be gaining from ERP. Let us find the factors leading to increased implementation of ERP …

 It is advisable to small and midsize enterprises to implement ERP and benefit from enterprise resource planning solutions. For big enterprises, ERP is a useful tool that enables easy transactions. Enterprise Resource Planning Solution runs on different hardware and is easily installed in different networking configurations. 

Key facets attracting small or midsize businesses towards ERP software solution are many. A few are: 1. Growth of small businesses 2. Several top notch ERP vendors in recent past have entered the small business domain to offer industry-specific solutions 3. Of late more attention has been paid to small and midsize businesses by high-end ERP software solution providers.
  • New and open technologies like .Net have made things easier for new entrants into ERP business market by eliminating the barriers.
  • This has been good for small businesses with tight monetary budget and limited resources.
  • The options have increased and small businesses are now being able to reap the benefits of the ERP software solutions offered by small industry-specific ERP vendors.
  • These vendors satisfy the ever-increasing needs of small and midsized businesses at cost-effective rates.
  • Similar to big enterprises, small or midsize businesses too need ERP Software Solution. This, however, is business-dependent.
  • The small size or mid size businesses should not thus worry much about using ERP. The reason is ERP solutions are now customizable, scalable and flexible.
Today when specialization has got into everything, midsize businesses find it difficult to integrate various business segments like manufacturing and supply chain management.

Establishing a smooth connection or link between various components is what small or midsize business organizations fear the most as the task is not as easy as it sounds.

The market votes Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions as Numerous Uno in catering to the demands of not only big businesses but small and midsize business organizations too.


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