Thursday, July 4, 2013

How To Build A Social Networking Website

Today the time has come when every other business organization wants to build a website and create an influential web presence as well. Business type no longer remains a constraint in the age of IT. This is the reason why every enterprise today longs to have a striking online identity.

Now when we speak of a website design and development, development of a social media website comes first to the mind. Nowadays, social media website design and development is being touted as the most sought-after development by most online businesses across the global.

While we speak about Social Networking Website Design and Development , it would be criminal to miss out on something as phenomenal as Facebook.

• It is undoubtedly every social media website owner’s vision to own something as popular as Facebook.
• This makes it all the more intriguing to know how to create a social networking website like Facebook.
• Social websites (like Facebook) integrated services that have now become a crowd puller with time.
• The packaging of services has been done so aptly that visitors are using the web to their convenience and at the same time connecting with their loved ones without much trouble.

Well, then how should you go about planning a Social Networking Website —a question that needs to be answered here. Registration for domain and platform for development; custom or open source software development; search for branded URLs for users; censorship; social engine; keep a name that user can relate to and advertise to get the traffic flowing to your website —are few key aspects to consider before going for any website design and development.

Now, going on to believe that by just by being a social media networking website, your site would be able to attract maximum online traffic, is simply silly.

It is must to be able to be heard. A social networking site that does not let its users/ visitors/members to form a community or carry out updates or comment or post views, will not be able to retain its users’ interest for long. People today want to be heard! And that says it all! Opinions do matter in the 21st century!

Let people talk! Promote discussion forums.

Allowing users to chat and participate in conversations increase the chances of return visits. This adds to the content of your website without any efforts from your side. So you gain extra brownie points without doing any hard work!

Censorship — not a good idea!

Well expect any kind of behaviour from your visitors. They might use abusive language or cuss words. It is a free platform and people would surely take full advantage of this. At the same time, this should never be questioned, or else you will lose your visitors. Extremist comments should however, be removed at the earliest.

A Social Networking Policy in place is a must.

A mention of dos and don’ts for your website is must. This will make your viewpoint clearer as in what kind of user behaviour is unacceptable to you. Also, what comes under harassment should be made very clear to the visitor via the website’s policy. Ensure the policy is read thoroughly by a user before s/he goes on to create an account.

Social Bookmarking is still alive!

Make sure your website has the facility to be shared or bookmarked easily outside your community.

Continual presence is needed!

‘Set it and forget it’ —this doesn’t work for social Media Website Design and Development. In this business, especially during the initial phase, innovative ideas and new content should constantly be uploaded on the website. Ensure that Response-generating-actionable content, assured to give rise to discussions, posts, user views and opinions, find a place in your website.

Social Media is free but its management is expensive.

Website design and development in most cases is centered on business objective. Do not ignore or overlook communications as it is one of the key focus areas of any website-building.

Manage your content sensibility.

It is wise to decide the subject of the content according to the website theme. Of all the things, ensure the users are able to relate the content with the website theme.


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