Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why Should One go for Custom Software Development?

Software development can be categorized into two types: custom based software development and ready-made software development. Today the market seems to be in the favor of Custom Software Development. Now this has not happened over night, but gradually. Well certainly there are few supporting reasons and factors behind its growth.

Accessibility any where any time; round the clock connectivity with customers, being able to track the payment collections and keep a continual check on sales activities and option of extending the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and scheduling meetings – these are few of the many factors that have added to the increase in use of Custom Software Development.

  • Today, the demand of Custom Software Development has gone up.
  • Its area of influence has expanded.
  • Sectors such as real-estate and hospitality including restaurants and hotels are few areas of influence where the demand is high as compared to other sectors.
  • These days Custom Software Development has become more cost-effective and scalable.
  • High-end users demand end-to-end Custom Software Development services for restaurants, hospitality and real-estate sectors.
  • In Real-estate software development, the service providers offer flexibility in managing various business functions starting from the pre-launch phase to clients booking to management of the agents.

Industries today have expanded their base in general and few sectors in particular — hospitality and real-estate have shown considerable progress as compared to others.
Thus, a rise in the software development in these particular sectors has been very apparent.  

Service providers catering to the needs of hotel industry offer services including hotel management software, hotel billing software, restaurant billing software, banquet operating system software and many more. 
Other than restaurants, hotels are also a part of hospitality industry. Custom hospitality software development is used by various businessmen/owners of hotels, lodges, inns, guest houses, and resorts. The software satisfies the administrative needs of the systems in concern.
  • Real- estate industry is one sought-after industry by Custom Software developers as the industry has a lot of opportunities to offer to them.
  • Custom Software development is more preferred as compared to ready-made software development.
  • Few basic and crucial aspects of Custom Software Development cover flexibility and option to update as and when required.
The age old saying ‘Change is the only constant in life’ holds true while developing custom-based software.
With the never ending demands and the fast evolving market, there is always a fear of either missing out on new features or losing out on opportunities.

  • These features can be fully utilized if the service seeker is ready to adopt Custom Software Development.
  • While change happens, if a service seeker has custom build software at his disposal, then there is no looking back as this ensures having the power to accommodate change at any given place and at any point of time.
  • This saves a lot of money as well.
  • If a client, say for example a restaurant owner uses a restaurant custom software development system, he can ask his vendor to incorporate changes as and when he feels the need.

The bottom line is with time Custom Software Development has proved to be quite beneficial for the customers.


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